Caring For Your Live Plant Jewelry

These guys are tough and are designed to be mini-ecosystems. For the most part, all the care they need is your love, and (unless otherwise specified) will not need watered or tended to. Our moss jewelry does best when stored away from direct light for long periods of time. If they ever start to look a little worse for wear, perk them up by putting them on a window sill that gets indirect light (or wear them out and about!)

Caring For Your Terrarium

Up in the Air...Plants - Air plants are super cool in that they don't need a ton of attention. Soak them once a week in room-temperature water, or just mist them (aiming towards the bottom) if you don't want to upset the arrangement. They do best in indirect sunlight, but I've had luck even keeping them in rooms without any direct sunlight at all!

Solo Moss-o -  Indirect sunlight is good, but these guys love the shade (bless their little goth hearts). Mist a smidge every 2 weeks or so, or when it's starting to look sad.

Party in the Plants - Indirect-er sunlight, less shady. Water these guys about once a week. 

Succulishious - Succulents love the light, but dont put them in direct light too much if they're under glass (it could burn their pretty little leaves!). Mist the soil (try to aim away from hitting them directly) once a week.


Caring For Your Faux Taxidermy

These champs may look rough and tumble but should be treated as art pieces. Please avoid letting little chompers on these mounted animals, and keep out of places where humidity or excessive moisture might mess with the paint or adhesives. Wipe with a dry cloth when necessary.

Will You Gift Wrap?

Currently we do not offer gift wrapping as our products are too difficult to wrap and ship (blame it on the dinosaur heads!) Our jewelry comes in complimentary gift boxes and terrariums will be boxed when applicable.

Do You Use Live or Preserved Moss/Plants?

Both! Depending on the piece and how durable we feel it is, we will use either live or preserved moss to give the perfect experience. Each product page lists whether live or preserved moss is used.

Can I pick up my order?

We are often in local events around the Rochester, NY area so please contact us before placing the order to see if we will have pickup available soon. Otherwise, our studio is not a shop (maybe someday!) and we are not able to accept visitors + customers at this time.

Do You Accept Custom or Large Orders?

Reserved Stock is happy to create a custom piece for your bridal shower, wedding, or corporate event. Contact us with your ideas!

Do You Wholesale?

Our jewelry is currently available for wholesale, but due to the one-of-a-kind nature of our found objects taxidermy and terrariums, we are unable to offer wholesale terms on these. Reserved Stock does not offer consignment.

Will You Sell Pendants Without the Chains or Settings?

All jewelry comes fully assembled, we do not offer pendants alone.


Will You Donate to Our Cause or Event?

Reserved Stock specifically looks to help women's shelters of New York, so we really try to make the most difference there. We're a small time operation and need to pick our battles when it comes to giving.